VSP Ventures Expands Its Unique Transition Model Across California and Welcomes Two Practices. Read the Story

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Your Vision is Our Vision.

We understand what it means to build a business and community from the ground up and wanting to preserve that.


Partners For Life

For years, the optometric path was to hire an associate doctor who would earn their stake in the business over time and eventually take over the practice.

But that path has changed in recent years and doctors who want to own their own practice has decreased, while doctors who want to sell their practice has greatly increased. 

Private equity and other corporate buyers have taken advantage of this gap in the market and have been buying large numbers of independent practices with the goal of consolidating them—leaving doctors concerned about the future of their practice.

VSP Gives Doctors An Alternative Solution

The VSP partnership difference aims to protect your practice by not “flipping” it, but instead, by preserving the legacy of patient care you worked so hard to build. Our goal at VSP is to ensure you and your staff have a safe, secure work environment that allows you the opportunity to focus on patient care.

Our team of experts will partner with you and your staff to help with medical collaboration, training and education, as well as business performance. We’ll use our expertise in technology management, supply chain, and the patient experience to empower your practice. 


Stop worrying if you’ll end up regretting your decision and enjoy peace of mind knowing your practice is in the right hands with VSP Ventures. See why doctors are choosing VSP Ventures.

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